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 Frequently Asked Questions


While we strive to offer the most comprehensive FAQ page, we are sure that some of you will not find the answer to their very own question. In that case, please contact us via e-mail or call toll free (877)788-0884.

Q: What is Majolica?
A: click here to read a brief history of Italian majolica. Just remember that a piece is defined "majolica" when it is made following a certain technique and using specific clays and glazes. Its design or appearance doesn't necessarily identify a piece as a "majolica" piece.

Q: Can I put these items outside?
A: Yes. The colors are forever, no matter what. Sun fading is not an issue.
Depending on the workshop, there is a different thickness of the clay and therefore a different resistance to chips and cracks.  In extremely cold regions (i.e.: below 0s Farenheit) these items should be brought in during winter. A little frost or a blanket of snow is not harmful in any way.

Q: What about using the dishwasher?
A: At a cold or cool drying cycle, everything is dishwasher safe. 
If you expose the product daily to very high temperatures, you could have a "crazing" on the surface. Crazing is an aging process, but it should take place after 50 years or more..... you don't want to speed it up too much.
Microwave can be used at your risk and anyway should be used only for warming (1 or 2 minutes).
These are honest guidelines,  a less scrupulous vendor could just say that you don't have to worry about anything just to make one more sale. Truth is: if it is majolica and you want to own it for a long time, it has to be treated carefully.

Q: Is it everything safe for food use?
A: Yes. All the dinnerware items are FDA tested and exceed all rules and regulations for lead and cadmium content.

Q: Is everything handmade?

The production is still made in the traditional way, the pieces are hand thrown or hand casted, when the bisque is dry, it is fired the first time for about 24 hours, after that it is dipped in white glaze and, when it's dry, the decoration process begins.
It is important to know that the decorator does not see the true colors during the decoration, the brilliancy of the colors is visible only after the second firing, which also last about 24 hours.
The price changes with the design, not only because some designs are more time consuming, but because a more difficult design requires the use of a more skilled decorator, who is paid a higher salary.

Q: Why are your prices so much lower than other stores?
A: When I moved in the U.S. and started this company, I didn't think I would ever have to answer this question, but I had to many times.
The products are anyway expensive when created at these high levels, however we strive to keep the unnecessary costs as low as possible, we chose not to produce a printed catalogue and obviously our mark-up is lower than other well known stores, catalogues and web sites. While the selection can be different and some items may not be directly comparable, sometimes it is easy to see that our items are of the same quality, come from the same region and in some cases are made by the very same workshops... in some cases even the pictures on the web are the same pictures from our supplier catalogue! Why pay more??

Q: Do you ever have sales?
A: Not very often, we already have the best overall pricing and conditions in the U.S.

Billing and ordering questions

Q: How should I order?
A: Unless you need a custom order, just use our shopping cart feature. If you want to customize your order and choose shapes or designs in the "SHOWROOM" sections call the toll free number (877)788-0884 we will be happy to assist you. For tables and other special order items, follow the instructions or call the toll free number.

Q: How long before I receive my order?

A: For items in stock, your order will be processed within 24 hours. We normally ship UPS ground and shipping is free for orders over $95. UPS ground requires up to 5 business days in transit (East coast) or as little as 1 business day (Southern California). Faster shipping options are available on request. For orders up to $50 shipping is $5, for orders between $50.01 and $94.99 is 10% of the value. Our shopping cart system will calculate shipping charges.

Q: How long does it take for a special order to arrive?
A: We have frequent freights and special orders can take anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks. We will give you the approximate time of delivery when you place the order.

Q: What is your return policy?

A:  Your satisfaction is our primary goal, you can exchange your item for something else or for a store credit for any reason including buyer remorse. Since we already offer free shipping, unless we made a mistake on your order (such as: shipped the wrong item or design) we do not pay shipping costs for returning the item to be exchanged. Cash refunds must be approved in advance, the merchandise must be returned in perfect conditions and a 10% restocking fee will be applied. All special or custom orders are final with no exchanges or refunds.

Q: What if the goods arrive broken?
A: All the shipments are insured, if the goods are broken you just have to contact us, we will take care of the claim with UPS and replace your items as soon as possible. Always keep all the original packaging.

Q: How are the tables shipped?

A: The small tables (under 34" round) can be shipped UPS ground for free if purchased at regular prices. The larger tables require special handling and after years of experience we found that the best way to ensure that you will receive a first class service is to use a packaging specialist that will ship using a trucking company, but with additional services, such as the "palletizing" of the crate and the base, additional liability insurance and, as optional perks, services like inside delivery. The maximum shipping cost that you will be billed is clearly shown in the tables price list..

Q: How should I care for these tables?

A: If you live in an extremely cold state like Minnesota or Montana, you want to bring it inside in the winter. Other than that, they don't require any particular care or precaution.

Q: Is the shopping cart system secure?

A: Yes. Our shopping cart system is internally hosted and secure. All the information that you will enter is transmitted via SSL and will be reviewed by us before any charge is made to your account. Shipping charges will be calculated by the system, remember that for any item at regular price except the tables shipping is free over $95 of purchase for regular UPS ground or USPS shipping.

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