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(Sapori di Firenze)

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Shipping and delivery?

How long does it take to have one?

What is the difference between your tables and the volcanic lava-rock tables?

What are the payment options?

How do I order? 



What about shipping and delivery?


The tables are individually crated, palletized and shipped on containers from Florence to our warehouse. There the tables are inspected, re-crated, re-palletized and shipped to destination via trucking carriers.

In 2007 we had zero breakage.

The prices listed are prices "out of our warehouse", the only additional cost is the delivery from San Diego to your home. We offer a promotional price that caps the shipping at a certain amount depending on the size of the table and on your location.

The cost is clearly listed on our price and size page.

The freight is insured by Taste of Florence both in the international part and in the domestic part, we take care of all the insurance procedures. Although breakage is rare (actually is a 0.8% rate) it is a possibility and it can be emotionally distressing. However, the only consequence for you is that the waiting time will be a little longer.


How long does it take to have one?


Depending on when you place your order, you will receive your table in 4 to 10 weeks.

Usually you can find the "next delivery month" on our price list page

These items are entirely handmade. The time required to make one table from scratch is 4 to 6 weeks including the time for the clay to set in the mold, the time to dry completely before the first firing and the decoration. The time to decorate and fire a table is 5 to 10 days depending on the design.

After is finished the table has to travel with one of our freights, we schedule several containers per year and we will tell you the month by which your order will be delivered at the time of ordering.


What is the difference between your tables and the volcanic rock tables?


Frankly these are so much nicer and better it isn't even close. First of all, since they are hand-molded, they have wonderfully shaped border like the ones you can see here  http://www.tasteofflorence.com/tablebases.html  but more importantly they are much thicker than the volcanic rock ones, as an example the 50" round is about 2" thick and the 60"x36" about 3" thick. This compared to a thickness that sometimes is less than half a inch in the volcanic rock tables.Obviously that makes them heavier. They are guaranteed to withstand cold temperatures up to about -22 F and hot temperatures up to 500F.

But the most important difference is that the hand-molding and the pure majolica base allows for a much finer decoration and I believe that you can see that very easily by looking at our selection.


What are the payment options? 


We require a 30% deposit at the time of ordering. The balance has to be paid at the time of shipping to the final destination, but it can be billed in portions before that date if you instruct us to do so. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.


How do I order?


Call (877)788-0884.

Orders are verified and confirmed in all details, a deposit is required at the time of ordering, balance is billed on delivery.

You can also simply send us an email with your order, but obviously you should not include your credit card information.


If you have additional questions or if something is unclear, please contact us at info@tasteofflorence.com or at (877)788-0884


You can also watch the five minutes video for information about the making and importing of the tables.